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specialized in natural and untreated jade

Latest Blogs

Quiz 10 - Rings

These two rings are made of jadeite jade and 750 yellow gold. But one of the jade is A jade, the other is C jade. Can you tell the difference? At first sight, these two rings are very similar, shape excepted. The jade colour is the intense green c

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James Bond & jade

Everybody knows James Bond, the British secret agent imagined by Ian Fleming. Some are more interested in the cars he drives (and damages), others by his female conquests, others by the 

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James Bond & jade - 02

In the 1983 Bond movie "Never Say Never Again", 007 is played by Sean Connery. Klaus-Maria Brandauer is the "bad man", Maximilian Largo. Largo gives to his mistress, Domino Petachi (Kim Basinger),

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