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 Golden buddha of the Great Pagoda of Vincennes: behind this pagoda are the Precious Relics

In India, at the end of the XIXth century, the collapse of a stûpa (a Buddhist temple monument) belonging to the Sakyas' clan (the Buddha's family) enables the discovery of genuine Relics of the Buddha Sakyamuni, which have been protected ever since for more than two milleniums now.

At the XIXth century, India and almost the whole Asia were colonised. So India's General Governor entrusts the Precious Relics to Thaïland, the only Buddhist country saved form colonisation. They are pmut within the Golden Mountain Temple (Wat Saket), the most famous temple in Bangkok.

In 2442 of the Buddhist year, a prediction reveals that the Relics would reveal the Thai territory for the western world one hundred and eleven years later.

In 2009, namely one hundred and eleven years later, the Thai Patriarchs, approved by the Asian Buddhist community, decide to offer the Relics to the Western world and to entrust them to a European country, the new welcoming land. Their choice goes to France, a country exemplary for the diversity of Buddhism. The  Relics are officially entrusted to the "Union Bouddhiste de France"  that ensures their preservation.

Venerable Phra Phrommolee, representung the Patriarch Somdej of Wat Saket in Bangkok on May 17, 2009 : "When the Relics are brought somewhere, it involves some sort of civilization, of knowledge of the Dharma for the whole populations". On an historical point of view, since these relics have remained in Thailand for one hundred and eleven years, it is a national treasure. Our wish was thus to share this with the European Buddhist community and particularly France : to share this precious treasure of humanity. The Patriarch Somdej from Wat Saket thought that France had all the requested qualities to receive the light of the Buddha's teachings. We are no longer at the century of Lights, but time has now come for the Buddha's light to arrive in France. The picture given by the reception celebrations is the proof that the Relics have already brought and represented Peace, tolerance and above all this compassion that is today well represented by all the nationalities and various movements, all united. It is really the most beautiful gift that has been made in France to all of us, Buddhists coming from the Eastern world. Than you. Thank you very much.

The "Union Bouddhiste de France" of UBF is a non-profit making and apolitical federation that ensures the link between the Buddhist charities and the whole Public Powers".

The first Buddhist congregation was officially recognized by the State Council on January 8, 1988.

Ever since, the French state and the civil authorities consider the "Union Bouddhiste de France" as the refering partner for the Buddhist religion.