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Eurojade - Le Spécialiste du Jade - The Jade Specialist


- Study the qualities of the jade itself. It is the right colour for you? Will you be happy with special features – like internal spots, fractures, discolouration, opaqueness or translucency – inherent in it.

- Examine the carver’s workmanship, or the metal or wooden mountings that may have included. Do they meet your expectations ?

- Do not expect a bargain. It is becoming rare.

-  Do not assume all jade pieces available anywhere in the world are jade because you are told it is. Eurojade can tell you what is jade and what is not jade, and the origin of the products which are sold.

- Do expect to discover a treasure that speaks to you alone and will continue to do so forever. But do not be surprised if you spend a little more than anticipated. You will be following an historic precedent.

Pricing and Valuation

A difficult subject best left to a jade expert. Colour, transparency and the uniformity of both of these are of principle importance when judging the material. Design, craftsmanship and antiquity play equally important roles when evaluating carved objects.

The following generalities apply : colour is of principle importance. True imperial jade is the most highly prized ; the best "imperial green" colour has been likened to the colour of fine emerald. Matched cabochons of average size can be worth 10's of 1000's of dollars. Next in value are somewhat lighter shades, then lavender, dark apple green, "forest" or "spinach", light apple green, and dirty or spotty green. The most highly prized colours are those that are pure, intense, and uniform.

The following additional factors are important, particularly for jade cabochons, bracelets, or rings :

- colour uniformity: should be free of blotchiness

translucency: should be semitransparent in natural light

- clarity: should be inclusion-free when illuminated from the back by a strong light. Dark or light veins, spots, or blotches detract from value

- brightness: should exhibit a lustrous brilliance or "glow" 

- cabochon prices vary by weight and size according to colour ; objects are priced according to artistic merit and the way in which the colours in a piece enhance the beauty of the carving.