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Eurojade - Le Spécialiste du Jade - The Jade Specialist


"Predator", a unique and harmless jade shark...

or how to get a masterpiece of art from a rough boulder


© Georg Schmerholz


© Georg Schmerholz

The final size is 16" L x 12" W x 18" H ; the jade shark is on calcite stalagmite.

This fantastic sculpture is one of Georg Schmerholz's numerous masterpieces ( Georg was born Hungarian in Transylvania, to parents of Austrian-Jewish-Armenian-Hungarian descent. He studied engineering and design for two years in University, before leeaving his country to find freedom and pursue his passion for sculpture. He lived in a refugee camp in Italy for seven months before immigrating to Sweden.

After two and half years there, he moved to Canada where he became a sculptor, photographer, designer, and home builder. The latter was a means to support himself in the early years until he was able to turn professional. He relocated to Northern California in 2001 and lives and works on a peaceful and secluded ten acres in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Craft, architecture, design and sculpture have been important in many of his past lives, and he is just continuing on the path of expressing beauty through the use of form.

© Georg Schmerholz

Great White in Heavenly Green . . . Some 20 years ago Georg was commissioned to do a Great White Shark in marble. He did OK given the limited availability of good images of sharks at that time. Georg always loved sharks, both as a diver and as a sculptor, and much later he decided to revisit this powerful life form, this time in jade. This undertaking brought to mind once more one of the virtues Confucius assigned to jade : "Like truthfulness, it (jade) does not hide its faults, which only add to its beauty ".

It also reminded Georg the first thing he learned working with this stone, is that : "You cannot rush jade. If you do, it will expose your absence of presence and patience, shortcomings in your skills and lack of respect for the One from the Heaven".

Here are posted sequence images of creating, after six hundred hours of work (!), the shark from the 80lbs rough to the 15" long 8lbs completed.

© Georg Schmerholz

This corner chunk of an Ogden Mountain (British Columbia, Canada) jade came off of a larger 180 kg cut boulder and it fitted the intended shape of a great white shark perfectly.

The sculpting process in stone can be described in five stages, blocking out, roughing out, shaping, fine-tuning the form and sanding, and the last stage would be polishing and detailing.

© Georg Schmerholz

Nephrite jade is not as hard as jadeite but it is tough because of its fibrous nature and more challenging to work. Tools used in the process were various size diamond blades on saws and angle grinders, sintered and/or plated diamond burrs and silicon carbide mounted points. Final polishing was done with diamond paste.

© Georg Schmerholz

© Georg Schmerholz

© Georg Schmerholz

Should you need any further information about this shark or wish commissioned work, do not hesitate to contact us : or visit, Georg Schmerholz' s website, where you can admire his other masterpieces.

Georg likes to quote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (in "Terre des Hommes", chapter 3) : "It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove".