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Eurojade - Le Spécialiste du Jade - The Jade Specialist


Jade is extremely tough. This extreme durability explains its early use, by many cultures, as tools for farming and hunting. No other stone appears in such a wide variety of forms; bangles, hololith rings, statuary cups, spoons and scepters. It is jade's unparalleled toughness that accounts for its wide variety of uses, and it is this very toughness that allows for the unmatched delicacy of carving one finds in jade.

It is this same durability that allows a family to pass on a cherished piece from generation to generation and elevates jade from the realm of an ordinary gemstone to a priceless heirloom.

The care of jade is quite simple. The proper way to clean jade is to simply apply a mild, soapy water solution. A small, soft bristled toothbrush is best for cleaning the crevices within carvings. It is important to heed this advice. Most common jewellery cleaners and techniques can cause problems. Jewellery that appears to be bezel set is most often secured by a combination of metal and epoxy. The metal is tightened around the stone and then the jeweller applies the epoxy.This extra precaution is taken because jade rarely has a sharp edge, as most other faceted gemstones, to be held by metal alone. Many other non-faceted stones (i.e. opals, coral, pearls, turquoise, etc.) require similar demands.

It is best to remove your jade before swimming in a chlorine treated pool, the ocean, or soaking in a hot tub.

A warning for gardeners : please remove your jade rings before messing with any dirt and soil. The quartz dust in soil is a powerful abrasive.

Never steam jade : jewellers usually steam faceted stones after sizing and working on pieces. Please remind your jeweller of this frequent error.

Never use ultra-sonic jewellery equipment and cleaning solutions on jade.

What other stone can be carved as a continuous chain from a single piece of material and endure as jewellery or statuary for centuries ? Because of its toughness and hardness, jade even appeals to the aural senses, for it’s is said when "jade is struck, it rings true.