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News from GJX Show, Tucson, Arizona

February 23rd 2012

As I have for over a decade, my first stop at the GJX show in Tucson is the Jade West booth right by the main entrance. The incredible beauty of their Canadian nephrite jade is amazing. And the fact that they own their mines and produce their own jewelry, gemstones and carvings makes it even more fun. This year, however, there was talk in the GJX aisles about new Chinese dealers selling Canadian Jade. And it was cheap! As you can see in the image at left, the Chinese… Canadian Jade was just as beautiful as the Canadian Jade being sold by Jade West but at a fraction of the price. WOW! Cheap Canadian Jade! Or was it?

Below you see a close up image of a strand of Jade West Canadian Jade, and this cheap Canadian Jade from the Chinese dealer. The material is virtually identical with one being slightly darker in color than the other. But that is not surprising for nephrite jade as it is known for its mottled green colors which could easily explain the difference. But the question remains, how could a dealer from China sell beautiful Canadian Jade so much cheaper than the very people who own and operate the Canadian Jade mines?

Below is a 10x image of the Jade West Canadian Jade beads taken through our Meiji Techno microscope. You can see the natural color mottling of the nephrite jade that serves to identify this material. This is a classic look for natural Canadian Jade as we have purchased various carvings and specimens from Jade West for many years, long before they were World Gem Society Registered Gem Dealers. In fact, the images of our nephrite jade from the original website started in 2000 was Jade West Canadian Jade. When we put the Chinese Canadian Jade under the microscope the truth glared back us. Dyed quartz. No question. But we used our Enwave Raman just to confirm. We have over a kilo of this Chinese dyed quartz that has been sold on eBay as Canadian Jade. Ebay? At the GJX show? Well, it appears to be true.

Canadian jade under Meijo Techno microscope

Fake "Canadian jade" sold by Chinese merchants

The same antics we have all come to abhor on eBay are alive and well at the GJX show (among others) and just like eBay the show venues refuse to take any responsibility for the deceptive trade practices being perpetrated by some of their sellers. It is our understanding that the GJX management was informed of this problem and still the Chinese dealer was there selling this dyed quartz as Canadian Jade. Below is a carved Jade West Canadian Jade that I purchased for my own collection. You can see the natural mottled colors and the beautiful translucency of this material. Nothing like the dyed quartz under a microscope, but unfortunately buyers at gem shows don’t have the luxury of having a Meiji Techno to carry around with them. Somewhere in the world right now, a retail jeweler is offering this Chinese dyed quartz as authentic Canadian Jade. *They are offering this because they purchased it from a dealer at the GJX show and trusted the dealer because they were showing at GJX. *They are offering this because “my supplier guaranteed me it was Canadian Jade” and have no clue how to actually identify it for themselves. Somewhere in the world very soon, a retail customer will buy this strand of Chinese dyed quartz thinking they are buying Canadian Jade since a trusted jeweler sold it to them. *They will eventually find out it is fake and get angry at the jeweler for ripping them off. *They will swear to never buy gemstones again because jewelers cannot be trusted. *They will tell 10 friends who will tell 10 friends and on and on until great harm is done to this industry because of this Chinese dealer, at the GJX show, who lied about their product knowingly and deceptively. Somewhere in the world right now, a true Canadian Jade dealer lost sales and consumer confidence in their product because this Chinese dealer used deceptive trade practices to sell misrepresented products, just to take away their legitimate and hard earned market share.  The Jade West folks did not ask for, nor were they allowed to review, this report. In fact, we purchased these specimens independently with World Gem Society funds to produce this independent report on the selling of fake Canadian Jade by the Chinese dealers. You may think: “Its only nephrite jade”. But a few years ago, I said: “Its only andesine feldspar”. Think about that. Your gemstone products could be next.

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