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A new jadeitite jade locality has been discovered in the Sierra del Convento (eastern Cuba). The mineral assemblages of jadeitite jade and jadeite rocks are varied and include (among others) combinations of jadeite, omphacite, albite, paragonite, chlorite, rutile, zircon, and quartz.

Some samples made almost exclusively of jadeite show evidence of crystallization from fluid in veins. In one of these samples studied in detail jadeite shows complex textural and chemical characteristics ( that denote growth in a changing chemical medium.

The latest infiltrating fluids were richer in Mg-Ca, favouring the formation of omphacite and Mg-Ca rich jadeite in open voids and the replacement of earlier jadeite by fine-grained omphacite + jadeite at 550-560°C.

This new occurrence of jadeite in Cuba opens important perspectives for archeological studies of pre-Columbian jade artifacts in the Caribbean region.

The article "A new jadeitite jade locality (Sierra del Convento, Cuba) : first report and somme petrological and archeological implications" was written by : Garcia-Casco A., Rodriguez Vega A., Cardenas Parraga J., Iturralde-Vinent M.A., Lazaro C., Blanco Quintero I., Rojas Agramonte Y., Kröner A., Nunez Cambra K., Millan G., Torres-Roldan R.L. et Carrasquilla S. It was published in "Contributions to mineralogy and petrology" (2009, volume 158, n° 1, pages 1-16).