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Eurojade - Le Spécialiste du Jade - The Jade Specialist



Jade merchants use sayings ; most of them are based on common sense.

 - Don't observe the jadeite colour under artificial light - 燈下不觀色

Greyish, bluish and oily green jadeite will look very much better under artificial light. It is important to observe the jadeite colour under natural light, artifical light being used by experts only to check whether there are major flaws and the types of inclusions in the jadeite.

- Slight difference in color, ten time difference in price - 色差一等,價差十倍

Although the texture quality, shape, size, transparency and flaws of two pieces of jadeite are more or less equal, the price difference can be more than ten times if one has a better colour. That shows the importance of colour in jadeite valuation.

- See more, buy less - 多看少買

By seeing more, you will be a more accomplished buyer, and not easily misled to buy pieces of jadeite that are overpriced.

- A line of green is better than a patch of green - 寕買一条線,不買一大片

In a jadeite boulder, a line of green is better than a patch of green. The line of green will tell the width of the green colour, although the depth of the green colour will not be known. On the other hand, a patch of green colour will only reveal the area of green colour which has been carved but not the width of the green colour. A patch of green colour could be misleading and make the buyer pay more than needed.

- Where there is dragon, there is water - 龍到處才有水

Dragon refers to the green colour of jadeite; and water means transparency/translucency of jadeite. Quality of transparency around the green colour should be better than jadeite areas that are not green. It is very rare that a piece of jadeite has very good green colour with a low quality transparency or translucency.

- Without flaws, it is not necessary to have carvings - 無綹 不遮花

High quality jadeite without flaws such as crack lines, black spots or unsightly inclusions, does not need to be carved. In other words, the carvings are used to cover up the flaws so that they are not easily spotted by untrained eyes. 

- Observe striking green with cool eyes - 冷眼觀熗緑

Jadeite with a striking green colour can be high quality jadeite, but can also be dyed and coated with artificial materials to make it look great and sold at a high price. So it is important to keep cool and to have the piece of jadeite checked by a specialist in order to avoid to be fooled. 

- Teach a person to sell, he will be a jeweller during the day, teach him gemmology and he will become a jeweller all his life (Chinese proverb).

- Customers are jade; merchandise is grass (Chinese proverb).

- Jade and men, both are sharpened by bitter tools (Chinese proverb).

- A gold branch with a jade leaf (Thai proverb).

- In face of evil, one would rather be a jade broken than a brick intact (Chinese proverb).

- A speck on a jade stone won't obscure its radiance (Chinese proverb).

- Jade that is not chiseled cannot become a gem or a jade stone is useless before it is processed ; this Chinese proverb means that a man is good for nothing until he is educated.

- Chengyu "Pao zhuang yin yu" 抛砖引玉 Throw out a brick to attract a jade (Chinese proverb).

- Rumour is a lying jade ; proverbial. Meaning: it is foolish to believe in rumours because they are often untrue. Literal origins: A 'jade' was a term used for a weak and inferior horse, and was often used to describe a woman but only in a friendly joking fashion. Common Usage: this proverb is hardly used at all, most English people today will not have heard this proverb. An equivelent phrase that is often used would be, "don't believe everything you hear".

- There is a price for gold but no price for jade (Chinese proverb).