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Everybody knows James Bond, the British secret agent imagined by Ian Fleming. Some are more interested in the cars he drives (and damages), others by his female conquests, others by the countries he visits to complete his mission.

At Eurojade's, we are going to talk about a subject which is of interest to a very small audience: jade in James Bond's movies!

"James Bond girls" always wear more or less remarkable jewellery. But on the total of twenty-six James Bond movies as of today (September 2016), there is only one where a "James Bond girl" wears jade jewellery: it is 1974 "The Man with the Golden Gun".;

Andrea Anders (Maud Adams, a Swedish actress) recovers golden bullets in a casino in Macao, while watched by James Bond (Roger Moore). We can see a dark green pendant but this pendant is widely hidden by her garment.

Then Andrea Anders leaves the casino, followed by bond, and takes a hydrofoil from Macao to Hong Kong, still followed by 007.

The pendant is clearly visible when she is on the boat and when she gets out of the hydrofoil station in Hong Kong. 



This pendant was made after the original for the "Designing 007: 50 years of Bond style'" exhibition at La Grande Halle de la Villette in Paris. The London jeweller David Morris, who signed several James Bond girls' jewels and conceived the original, made the copy.

Here is the copy made for the exhibition:



It is obvious that the colour is much lighter green for the copy than the original pendant.... which we found on an internet website dedicated to James Bond's autographs and movie props:  

We must admit that we are puzzled: the pendant sold on internet as the original movie prop does not have the same colour as the copy we saw at the exhibition! 

This pendant is sold as: a wonderful major prop from "The Man with The Golden Gun". An oriental carved malachite pendant of fruit and foliage design, with a diamond set floral mount, suspended by a continental (!) yellow metal link chain, worn by Maud Adams as Andrea Anders... Maud Adams as Andrea Anders, Scaramanga's ill-fated lover, is seen wearing this pendant during the scene when Lazar drops off the golden bullets in the Casino by placing them in the wicker basket from which Andrea retrieves them. James Bond aka Roger Moore follows her then on the boat from Macao to Hong Kong. Absolutely one of the major props from Bond history as prominently seen on screen. Obtained from a Christie's sale in London, Great-Britain, many years ago.". Inside E.U. price: 2,982 euros, German 19 % VAT included, export outside E.U price 2,506 euros.

We think that there is little chance that the prop might be jade, and the German website selling the original prop (which would be much more expensive if it were natural jadeite jade) might be right: the pendant is probably made of malachite. A jade pendant of this type would have been far too expensive. At that time, it was not usual to have actresses wear real jewellery for James Bond movies (you can see that that there is numerous costume jewellery with strass in the exhibition. It is only in more recent movies that actresses wear real jewellery).

In order to solve this mystery, we asked the jeweller David Morris about this pendant and are waiting for his answer...

Update as of February 24th 2017: in spite of several mails which were sent to him, the royal jeweller did not give any answer to our questions until we asked the same question on the social network Facebook... ha the "magic" of social media!

Here is the translation of the complementary information which was given on January 23th: "The replica pendant of the Bond movie was indeed made by David Morris for the purpose of the travelling "Designing 007: 50 years of Bond style" exhibition, and comprises genuine jadeite in a 1960's gold chain".

This does not give any answer to our question about the pendant of the movie (and not its replica). We asked again the jeweller, but the gemmologist was on holidays until the next Wednesday... since then we have had no news.

Conclusion: the pendant of the movie seems to be made from malachite as the on line shop selling props of James Bond movie advertises and not jadeite.