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Eurojade - Le Spécialiste du Jade - The Jade Specialist


 Hei Tiki

Personal guardian of guardians. The name translates as hei (wear round the neck) tiki (human). Represents a man squatting with heels together and hands on thighs. Some examples have only one hand in this position, the other clutched to head or breast. Also believed to represent an unborn child – a powerful Maori motif.


A pendant evolved from the fishhook motif and strongly influenced by wood carving spirals. The name means koro (coil or noose) pepe (close together). Can follow an eel-like form and have a bird head. Mythical guardian symbolizing youth and new beginnings.


The beautifully proportioned yet deadly personal club carried as a badge of status by Maori chiefs. Also symbolized the mana of the tribe and customary authority over land they occupied. Capable of killing with a single thrust.

Toki - Adze

A purely ceremonial tool evolved from practical axes or weapons. Many toki were accorded spiritual powers – like ability to stem storms at sea. Originally manufactured in sizes ranging from over 200ml to smaller chisels worn in the ear.

New Zealand Maori refined a range of shapes into a series of classic styles that evoke the power of jade to give strength and prosperity, to protect, to express love and kinship, to depict growth and harmony.

Hei Matau – Fish Hook

The ideal gift to wish a safe journey – especially over water. Represents strength and determination and brings peace, prosperity and good health. Maori believe their ancestor Maui snared New Zealand’s South Island using such a hook.

Koru - Spiral

Based on an unfurling fern frond, an iconic favourite the world over for its promise of new beginnings, growth and harmony.

Manaia - Guardian

A supernatural form protecting the wearer from evil. Traditionally it depicted a man’s body with a bird head and a fish tail, representing harmony between air, earth and water.

Twist - Crossover

Friends, partners or family members frequently choose this form as an expression of friendship, love, or lives becoming one for all eternity.