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Vancouver - World Jade Symposium



"Stone of Heaven" at Koldinghus - part 1

"Stone of Heaven" at Koldinghus - part 2



Museum of London - The Cheapside Hoard

London - A stroll in Burlington Arcade



2014-2015: Marseille, Borély Museum - Jade, Promesses of Eternity

2014:Paris, Grand-Palais - Rise of the Dragon - Royal Art of Vietnam

2013 : Paris, Musée des Arts Décoratifs - Jade in the Jewels Gallery

2013-2014: Paris, Grand-Palais - Jade in Cartier exhibition "Cartier, Style and History"

2012: Paris, Louvre Museum, Apollo Gallery - Jade objects & other green stones

2012: Paris, Louvre Museum - Crown Jewels

2012: Paris, Cognacq-Jay Museum - Gold Boxes & Objets of Vertu in XVIIIth century

2012: Pinacothèque of Paris - Mayas jade masks

2012: Quai Branly Museum, Paris - Māori, their treasure have a soul

2011: Quai Branly Museum, Paris - Maya, de l'aube au crépuscule

2011: Paris, Museum of Asian Art Guimet, Paris - A Royal Court in India - Lucknow (XVIIIth-XIXth century), Claude Martin's jade objets

2015-2016 : Paris, Musée Guimet : "Korean interior design, works of In-Sook Son"

Lyon, Musée des Confluences : Alpine jade axes

Nice - Blue Diamond and Golden Fleece

Louvre Museum, Paris : Jade in Islamic Art Department



Idar-Oberstein - Jade at the Deutsches Edelstein Museum (German Museum of Precious Stones)

Idar-Oberstein - Helmut Wolf, Master Lapidarist



Guatemala City - Popol Vuh Museum


The Netherlands

Diamond in Amsterdam



2012: Moscou,Tretiakov Gallery - Treasure Room

2012: Saint-Petersburg, The Hermitage - Malachite Room

2012: Saint-Petersburg, The Hermitage - Kolyvan Vase



Edinburg - Private visit of the reserves of the National Museums of Scotland



 2015-2016 : Geneva, Fondation Baur - "Asia imagined in Cartier and Baur collections"


United States

Jade & Las Vegas

Washington D.C. - Hope Diamond



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