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Eurojade - Le Spécialiste du Jade - The Jade Specialist


Yangon, Myanmar

August 2009

The Gems Museum in Yangon, Myanmar, is located in a plain building in the north-eastern part of the city. The entrance fee is 10 $ for foreigners and it is impossible de keep a bag to enter the museum. Bags and other items have to be left in a free locker and the visitor will keep the key during his visit of the museum. Pictures are strictly prohibited. Metal detectors are used at the entrance.

Myanmar is a dictature, and paying 10 $ to enter the museum means giving this money to the government... which is against Eurojade's principles. But Eurojade could get the last copy of an old "museum book" (a few copies attached by staples) and is glad to provide a scan of the pictures contained in this "museum book" in order to show you what the dictature does not want to display: the marvels of the country while some people are starving or being kept in prison or isolated.

Gems Museum Yangon

painting at the entrance of the museum


gold and silver, jadeite, ruby, sapphire and other gems items

gold, ruby, sapphire, diamond, pearl and imperial jade jewellery

pearls of Myanmar

the biggest jadeite boulder in the word (12 feet x 6,5 feet x 7 feet, Phakant, Lonkin, Kachin State)

the biggest rough ruby in the world (weight 21.450 carats, Kin Ywa, Mogok)

the biggest star sapphire in the world (weight 63.000 carats, Mogok Stone Tract)

Main gems in Myanmar : amber (burmite), apatite, andalusite, béryl (aqua marina), calchedony (chrysoprase, agate, onyx), chrysoberyl (chrysoberyl, cat's eye, alexandrite), corundum (ruby, star ruby, sapphire, star sapphire, white sapphire, yellow sapphire, green sapphire, purple sapphire), danburite (colourless, pale yellow, gold yellow, green - rare - ) diopside, enstatite, epidote, feldspar, sillimanite, fluorite, garnet (almandine, pyrope, massive grossular, hessonite, andradite, spessartite), iolite, jadeite (green, lilac, white, pink, brown, red, blue, red, black orange, yellow), maw-sit-sit, kornerupine, cyanite, lapis lazuli, nephrite, peridot, painite, pearl, phenakite, quartz (amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, pink quartz  - star -, rock crystal, cat's eye quartz) scapolite, serpentine, sinhalite, sodalite, spinel (pink, purple-pink, black-green, blue, red), sphene, topaz, turmalin (rubellite, indicolite, schorl, green, yellow, colourless, dravite), taffeite, tremolite (green, pink), zircon.