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Two similar cabochons but...

At first sight, these cabochons look very similar, do not they? Both have a deep green colour, their shape is oval and they come from Myanmar, major producer of jadeite jade. Then what makes the difference between them?

First the price. One cabochon was paid 95 $ in August 2009 at Yangon Airport, the other,  1.000 $, wholesale price, at the same time, to a jade broker in Hong Kong. Its retail price is 2.500 to 3.500 $.

Here is how one of the cabochons looks like 16 months after purchase: discolouration shows a brownish, porous and cracked material.

The other cabochon, A type jadeite, has not changed and its price is justified.

cabochon 20 mm x 10 mm x 3 mm

On one side, a coloured patch remains (for how long?) in the middle of lighter patches which represent the fading dye ; on the other side a cracked and brownish material remains.

According to you, which one of the cabochons has turned into such a miserable state? Please don't worry if you don't find the answer, because it is sometimes impossible to make the difference between A type and C type jadeite jade.

Here is the answer...