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When wandering through the market near your home or at the other side of the world, you might encounter "emerald" green bangles called by the sellers "imperial green jade".

What is the price of these bracelets (whichever the original currency, we'll give the prices in US dollars)? A dozen? A hundred? Un thousand or several thousand US dollars?

If you are looking for an A type jadeite jade bangle, which means made of natural, unbleached, undyed, untreated jade, you will find some at very interesting prices on our website.

But if you are looking for an A type jadeite jade bangle with an intense emerald colour in a translucent material, be sure that you will never find this exceptional piece of jewellery on a market, in your country of origin or abroad, nor in a jewellery, at least in our Western world. You will only find this specific jade in auction houses in Hong Kong, London or New York, or in high end jewelleries in Asia.

What is Imperial Jade?

The colour of Imperial jade is very close to the one of a beautiful emerald, of "green Kelly" colour". Imperial jade is translucent, one must see throught it like through a good quality emerald or simply green glass. If one can not see through it, the piece will have the colour of Imperial Jade but will not be in Imperial jade and its value will be 50 % less. Imperial jade has a deeper colour than Apple Green jade.

In 2008, the price of Imperial jade rough fixed by the Burmese government was 1,200 USD per carat. As soon as the rough is cut, the price per carat is multiplied by three and more.

Over the last years, the price of jade has increased drastically. At the time of writing (end 2013), the price per carat of the best quality of cut is 20,000 USD per carat.

Most of sales take place through auction houses like Christie's in Hong Kong, and the price of an imperial jade bangle varies from 10,000 USD to 1 million USD.

What is the price of these two bangles?

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