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Eurojade - Le Spécialiste du Jade - The Jade Specialist


The USA produces three notable types of nephrite: black with magnetite inclusions, "Vonsen Blue" jade, both from California, and the green to black material from Wyoming.

Black jade has two names, depending on the quality : elephant jade (lesser) and volcano jade (greater, can also be red).  Black jade that has swirls of yellow is known as fire jade. Blue jade also has two names, depending on color : dark blue is simply "blue jade" and light blue is aquamarine jade.

There are five main spots to hunt for jade in California : San Simeon, Willow Creek, Jade Cove, Gem Cove (aka North Jade Cove), and Sand Dollar Beach.

The three pictures show jade from the Vonsen Ranch mine in Petaluma, California. The mine is nearly exausted and therefore the jade is very rare with a specific blue colour.


Vonsen blue jade